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States showing strong price increases

by SellingYourOwnHouseNow on September 18, 2012

I’ve taken a small hiatus from writing, and while I’ve been away the housing market has really started to improve in many areas quite significantly.  Nationally house prices are still coming up, as are home sales while the foreclosures keep coming down which is always a promising sign.

There are some really nice hotspots across the nation experiencing an uptick in sales such as Florida where a single family home has seen a tremendous 7.8% increase in selling price over last year.  To put that in perspective, on a typical $175,000 home, it means you will see an additional $13,650 in your pocket!  Put this with selling your own house, and saving the 6% commission, and you would be putting nearly $25,000 back into your pocket!

Are you in an area where home prices are on the upswing?  Now may be a great time to list that house.  If you’re not in one of these areas but want to sell, it’s a perfect time to prepare for when the day comes the market turns around for you.  Having your property ready is key to getting the right buyer and commanding the right price!


The Magic of Words

The Magic of Words

by SellingYourOwnHouseNow on April 4, 2012

Words are funny, sometimes you mean to say one thing but your choice of words portrays a very different message.  When you’re chatting with your friends, it’s good for a chuckle but mince words with your boss and it can get you in trouble.  When selling your own house, it can cost you thousands of dollars on your sales price or even cost you a sale! There is a great article over on Hubpages that covers words that sell and words that fail.  The article is worth a read and even has a nice checklist of words for each category.  Now how, do you ask, do they know what sells and what doesn’t?  Believe it or not there have been scientific studies on the phrasing of real estate advertisements and the effect of that phrasing on sales price and time on the market for homes.  It’s pretty incredible they have gone through the research and the best part is they are sharing it for everyone who is selling their own house can profit from.

I cover writing your advertisement is the program but I thought the article had one magic word  that made all the difference

One of the words that can put more money in your pocket is “beautiful“. The study showed that using the word beautiful scored an additional 5% in the resulting sales price. That works out to $15,000 on a $300,000 house. I don’t know about you, but my house is beautiful!

One word, used in your marketing that can generate a 5% sales price increase to me is just incredible!  Any words you’ve seen success with – let me know in the comments?

Is For Sale By Owner for me?

Is FSBO for me?

by SellingYourOwnHouseNow on April 3, 2012

For sale by owner is getting to be mainstream these days.  In the current economy, many people have the extra time to not only learn about how to list FSBO, but to actually do the work and sell your own house.  The issue arises when they turn to the many sites on the internet with conflicting information.  The Washington Post seems to have a great post series which at a very high level follows the program I developed.

Selling your home without a real estate agent is not for everyone. But for those who have the time, skills and emotional strength, doing so can save tens of thousands of dollars in brokerage commissions.

They are exactly right – it isn’t for everyone.  But I would argue it is for most people.  What I tell my clients over and over again is – this is work which will need to be done anyway.  Market analysis, home repairs, and advertising are all required to get your house ready to sell.  If you don’t do it now, the realtor will tell you to do it later and you will need to pay them a hefty commission to do so. I’ve covered in some past posts that the housing market is showing strong signs or recovery  and FSBO is a great way to capture even more money back in your pocket after the sale.

So I ask, is there any harm in trying a for sale by owner listing and if things don’t work out, or you don’t have the time to call a realtor?  I say that is a zero risk proposition, the worst that can happen is you’re prepared for the sale and your home is locked and loaded for whatever comes your way!

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