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Hands down, the best program to sell your own house. Period!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How fast should I expect to sell my house?

A) There are lots of factors that help sell your house fast.  This program is intended to help you take the right steps to prepare your house for sale, and then get it  in front of as many perspective buyers as possible.  We have heard from many of our customers that sell their house in less than a month, but others take longer depending on their individual situation.


Q) Do I need to be a technology guru to use this program?

A) Nope – we walk you through each activity step by step.  This program was made to sell your house, quick and easy – not get a college degree.  You will need to be able to follow instructions, be comfortable with learning new techniques.  If you can use a computer and run a digital camera – this program can help you save tons of money!


Q) Do I need any special software to use the program?

A) All you need is a computer any any digital camera able to take photos and video.  The program covers how to get everything else from Website hosting, adding photos and uploading your videos online.


Q) How soon do I get access after I pay?

A) Immediately, once you’ve confirmed your subscription – you’re ready to get in and get started selling your home!


Q) What kind of tools are provided?

A) First and foremost is the eBook – over 200 pages packed with everything you need to sell your own house.  There are then 18 templates that cover everything from how to do your own home valuation to building a marketing plan.  All instantly downloadable and many with  example documents to show you how to do it all.  The full list is:

To help you see the big picture:
Sellers flow chart to help you track your progress.

Value your property:
Property Comparison Worksheet, version 2012.1 – value your home correctly to achieve maximum profit
Realtor Interview Guide when talking with real estate agents, follow this script and get the key information quickly
Realtor Interview Guide Example
Example Property Valuation Packet

Preparing your home for sale:
Home Improvement Template – Walks you through the right improvements to help you sell and get the most money
Home Improvement Template Example
Time Line Template in an easy to follow format
Deep Cleaning Checklist – ensure the

Sale Inclusion/Exclusion Template to capture what goes and stays with with the house
Sale Inclusion/Exclusion Template example –
Seller Disclosure Template to ensure closing goes smoothly
The Federally mandated documents required at sale

Build your marketing plan:
Online Ad Template to get your site in front of people immediately
Website Theme to get your site launched quickly
Email Campaign Template to communicate your house to a wide list of prospective customers
Guest Book Template – easy to print and
Editable Guest Book Template
Website assets to help you build your site fast

Moving Checklist to ensure after your house is sold, the move is as smooth as the sale.


Q) What happens if I have questions?

A) You can always email us – we are fanatical about helping you sell your house and we can provide assistance with nearly anything you need.