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How low did you say mortgages rates were???

by SellingYourOwnHouseNow on January 4, 2012

I’ve been writing how mortgage rates keep dropping, and the news continues.  MarketWatch just posted an article stating that the 30-year mortgage has fallen to lowest level in years, which means the time is perfect if you have been looking (or even thinking about) selling your home.

Zillow said the 30-year fixed mortgage rate on its Mortgage Marketplace is at 3.73%, down from 3.81% a week earlier. The company said the rate dropped to 3.68% on Saturday and then held between 3.74% and 3.79% until it fell to the current rate early Tuesday morning.

The company said the rate hit its lowest level since the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace was launched in 2008. The previous low for 30-year fixed mortgages was 3.74% on Sept. 22.

If you were thinking of moving, stepping up to a larger home or even downsizing – with mortgage rates this low, finding a buyer has been easier than it has been in the past couple years.  On top of that if you sell your own home, you get to take the extra profit for reinvestment – or as that well deserved nest egg for a rainy day.  If you have been tossing around the idea of selling, 2012 may be your year – don’t miss the opportunity if your house needs work.  If you need the hidden manual on how to make it happen – check out the eBook and learn step by step what you can do to prepare and get maximum profit!

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