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Painting a room -> the number 1 renovation to sell fast!

Top 6 Renovations to Sell Fast

by SellingYourOwnHouseNow on January 17, 2012

Are you preparing to sell your home?  We’ve seen that home prices are increasing  in 2012 and the market seems to be recovering.  If you have the time to prepare, the program covers everything in detail.  Unfortunately, we don’t always have the luxury of time!  If that’s the case you’re in, there are the top 6 quick fixes y0u can do now that will help increase not only your homes value, but can really add punch to the visual appeal for potential buyers.

  1. Neutral paint
    Your entire home can be painted for a couple hundred bucks, but the result is overwhelming!  Walking into a house with a new clean coat of paint is refreshing for both you, and your potential buyer.  If you’re looking for a good neutral color choice, think about using Dulux hog bristle or half strength hog bristle with gloss white trim and white ceilings.  A great example of this neutral color can be seen at aprilcandice.com (Nice Design Ideas April!)
  2. New window dressings
    Adding Modern venetian blinds, particularly wide-bladed ones or timber ones, are reasonably priced and can really lift a room.
  3. New floor coverings
    The cheapest option for new floor coverings is likely to be inexpensive click together laminate flooring, If you install it yourself, you can save a significant amount of cash.  I personally have floored over 1500  square feet of one house for $1800 total.  The flooring has a good resilient finish – and while it won’t last forever (the floor I put down looked great, even after 8 years of abuse), it really looks great to potential buyers.  For a basement, think about carpet tiles – they can be quite inexpensive and installed yourself too!
  4. Updated kitchen
    Is your kitchen sad?  Is it the original kitchen?  if so, you have a HUGE opportunity to increase both the value of your home, and the show quality.  Look at ways to give it a quick update, if the kitchen is solid and reasonably new, paint the doors gloss white and replacing the handles with something new and modern as a quick refresh. What, you say – your kitchen is in REAL bad shape?  spend a couple thousand dollars and update to new cabinets and appliances.  Remember, you don’t need a top of the line modern kitchen – just a refresh – Craigslist anyone?
  5. Updated bathroom
    Similar to kitchens,  the worse your bathroom is the better return you’ll get on any investment you put into it.  Be cautious though, bathrooms can be expensive to upgrade, because of materials and labor costs.  If the sink and bath or shower are sound but have ugly tiles (Pink, green or our favorite – Harvest Gold!) re-tiling or even a tile refinishing product will make a huge difference.  Think about updating your toilet paper holder, towel rails and a good cleaning to revitalize a bathroom that is only slightly dated.
  6. Landscaping the garden
    A tangle of half-dead weeds, dead flowers and brown grass will always be a turn off for potential buyers.  Take a weekend and work on creating an inviting environment for potential buyers.  If you are limited on cash, try and stretch out your improvements over a reasonable length of time while you are living in the house.  If time allows, use cuttings or use smaller plants to get your landscape going on a budget.  If you don’t have time, try a more resourceful tactic – Craigslist, friends and family sometimes have grasses or lilies that  that need split, or even digging up natural field plants and ditch lilies.  Worst case scenario – a trip to Lowes or Home Depot  for plants and mulch can have you done in a weekend.  Your choice is up to you, and will be a compromise between time and budget.
Let me know in the comments how it works for you!
Image courtesy: karindalziel

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